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Arcentry Enterprise - Authentication

Arcentry Enterprise is the commercial on-premise version of Arcentry. You can learn more about it here or contact us at

Which types of Authentication are there?

Arcentry Enterprise provides two different ways of Authentication:

  • internal: The Arcentry Enterprise server manages all users. It provides both signup and login forms and is solely responsible for Authentication and permissioning.
  • webhook: Authentication and access requests are forwarded to an HTTP Endpoint that you maintain. This allows for the highest degree of flexibility and enables integration with third-party systems such as existing user databases, SSO or active directory.
3D Diagram of Authentication

Which Authentication steps exist?

Authentication and Permissioning happen at three crucial points:

  • Whenever a new user accesses the application for the first time (signup)
  • Whenever an existing user tries to access the application (login)
  • Whenever a user tries to access a document

If you use Webhook authentication, login and signup become the same step. Whenever Arcentry receives a new third-party id as a response to a login request, it creates an internal profile for that user.

Where do I configure Authentication?

All authentication settings are configured in the Authentication section of arcentry-conf.yml. Here you can switch between internal and webhook auth, set endpoint URLs and disable the login, signup and forgot password workflows.

Screenshot of Arcentry Configuration