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Service Mesh VS API Gateway VS Message Queue - when to use what?

Fri Mar 01 2019

This post aims to shed some light onto the various ways to organize communication amongst microservices and when a Service Mesh, an API Gateway or a Message Queue might be the best solution for your needs. more

Talking about tech is so hard, its a wonder we can do it at all

Wed Feb 27 2019

Opportunities and pitfalls of the layered metaphors we use when talking about tech. more

How to create 3D Cloud Architecture Diagrams with Arcentry

Tue Feb 26 2019

A video tutorial, showcasing many features that make working with Arcentry much more efficient. more

Democratizing Industry 4.0

Mon Jan 07 2019

This post outlines our vision to bring the use Arcentry to bring the benefits of the fourth industrial revolution to companies of any size, anywhere in the world. more

At 22 years old, Postgres might just be the most advanced database yet

Wed Dec 05 2018

From Pub-Sub messaging to Foreign Data Wrappers - five extraordinary features that made Postgres our backend of choice for Arcentry more

What comes after serverless?

Mon Dec 03 2018

Right now, serverless seems like the pinnacle of cloud computing architectures. But what will come after it? And what obstacles will its successor need to overcome? more

Four predictions for the next decade of Cloud Computing

Thu Nov 08 2018

The cloud is fundamentally reshaping itself - from "someone else's computer" to an organic, dynamic, self-orchestrating network of nodes that delivers unparalleled business value. I believe there are for major trends that fuel this development. more

An introduction to medieval cities and cloud security

Mon Sep 17 2018

Establishing trusted zones, limiting access points and applying proxies are only some of the five principles for securing cloud infrastructure that we can learn from medieval city building more

Arcentry API: Programmable Cloud Diagrams

Tue Aug 28 2018

We're excited to announce our new REST API that lets you control every aspect of your cloud diagram in realtime more

What the f*** is the edge?

Thu Aug 09 2018

The edge - or edge-computing has become the latest installment in a never ending chain of tech-buzzwords electrifying investors and managers alike. But beyond the hype lies a fairly simple concept - with enormous potential" more

How to choose a database in 2018

Tue Aug 07 2018

Choosing the right database for your project has never been an easy task - but with the advent of cloud storage, key value, graph, no-sql and wide column stores it has become more challenging than ever. This post attempts a simple decision-making framework for choosing the right database for your requirements. more

Our (not so smooth) journey productising a serverless app on AWS

Mon Aug 06 2018

A summary of our journey developing, testing and deploying a serverless app on AWS more

Embed interactive cloud diagrams directly into your website

Mon Aug 06 2018

Sometimes your architecture gets too complex to fit into a single picture to put on your website or presentation. Sometimes you want to give your blog's readers something a little more special and cool. Whatever it is - Arcentry's new embed feature might just do the trick more

Scaling webapps for newbs & non-techies

Fri Jul 27 2018

Have you ever wondered what steps are involved to scale a tiny webapp to Facebook-like dimensions? This guide gives a quick overview over the various steps, principles and technologies involved in architecting webapps that can serve many millions of users. more

Why building a cloud management AI starts with a diagram drawing app

Tue Jul 24 2018

We humans can barely keep up with the acceleration in cloud computing. What started as a simple "server owned by someone else" is increasingly evolving into a complex system. And, as we've conclusively proven with e.g. climate or the economy - we are not great at running those. Fortunately, machines are. Arcentry is the first attempt at building such a machine - an AI capable of designing, deploying, monitoring and scaling complex cloud architectures. The road there is a winded one - but with many opportunities to capture value along the way. more