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Create interactive AWS Architecture Diagrams with Arcentry

Amazon Web Service architectures can get complex - really complex. Diagrams are a great way to break through this complexity and communicate concepts visually - but it's crucial to find paradigms that work both structurally and semantically. That's why Arcentry comes with semantic representations of everything living within the Amazon Cloud:

Take for instance our own architecture:

  • Icons, Security Zones, Gateways and more

    Arcentry comes packed with ready-made components for all AWS services and concepts. From EC2 instances to container orchestration with ECS or Kubernetes, from security groups to VPNs and VPCs, Arcentry has you covered.

  • Fully integrated with Cloudwatch

    Arcentry goes beyond static diagrams. Our infrastructure visualizations can stream realtime-metrics directly from Cloudfront and display them as charts and labels within the diagram. This allows to monitor complex infrastructures and see problems in their context. See a demo video here

  • Arcentry REST API data screenshot

    Connect to the AWS API

    Arcentry's comprehensive REST API allows you to change every aspect of a diagram programmatically. Integrate with the AWS SDK to visualize ECS Container Groups, EC2 utilization or Aurora throughput in realtime.

  • Arcentry Image Export

    Embeddable Diagrams

    You can export Arcentry's 2D and 3D diagrams as images in any resolution. Or - even better - you can embed them in our 3D viewer into blog posts, websites and even third-party monitoring dashboards like Grafana.

Get started

Arcentry comes with a free tier to play around and get a feeling for how it works. The paid plan costs $9.90 a month and can be cancelled at any time. To learn more, visit or sign up below to try it out yourself.